Introduction to Push Notification Ads
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Introduction to Push Notification Ads

Affiliate Marketing is complete of excitement and waves. Intelligent affiliates are the ones who see the waves before they break! If you are studying this, best wishes – consider yourself lucky! Today’s trend has not damaged yet!

You may not be an Affiliate yet but always wished to be one without lots of cash on courses. Or maybe you always imagined being an Affiliate Marketer and considered day and evening how on world affiliates make a small fortune from Affiliate Marketing. If so, then you must study my step-by-step information on how to begin Affiliate Marketing for newbies.

Ok, what is our trend today?

Unless you’re residing under a rock, you likely notice a lot of push notifications messages every day! They have become a big aspect of our lifestyles, telling us to contact loved ones, displaying us today’s To-Do record and much more.

A bit of record for you…

The push notification app service was developed by The apple company during 2009 – returning when Steve Jobs made apple company great again

After that, it was used in Safari, Chrome and a lot of other solutions on pc and cellular phones to deliver push notification. And the Android operating system.

Why did I bold the word App above?

Because Blackberry cellular phones developed the concept returning in 2003, keep in mind Blackberry cellular phones – the large that was consumed by the apple company first, then Google burnt off down whatever was left? Anyway, Blackberry cellular phones developed the e-mail push service, so that whenever you obtained an e-mail, the Blackberry cellular phones app service pushed it to your cellphone.

Ok, enough history.  What’s going on now?

Push Notifications vs. Push Notification Ads

Let’s begin with push notification first!

The concept was for the iPhone app to deliver the notification to its customers with different induce. For example, a Facebook app notification is sent when someone prefers your site, or Podcast notification are sent when the best podcast reveals have new periods, and so on.

Do you know that little red circle on the app icon on your phone? That’s push notification.

I’m sure you know what I’m discussing about.

The same factor goes for browser and desktop. Chrome is one of the big gamers in the push notification industry. If you surf the world wide web using Chrome, you must have seen at least one web page asking you to allow push notification for them to deliver you information or something.

Push notice ads – also known as “Push traffic” and “Push ads.”

Oh simple! Instead of the app delivering you notification about something you love, they are delivering you an advertisement.

If you have been at any Affiliate Marketing activities lately, I assurance that everyone was discussing push notification ads and their possibilities; however, not many affiliates have gotten into them yet! It is your opportunity to drive the trend now.

There is no ann opportunity to waste!

Why use push notification ads in 2019?

Honestly, it should be enough to say that most massive traffic resources, such as Propeller ads and Zero park, are now using push notification ads.

What does that tell you?

Yes! Some cash is patiently waiting to be made!

Here are a few factors why:

It is a new traffic source!

It is not soaked by countless numbers of affiliates and companies yet!

It is relatively cheap.

It is a step up from Pops (which has been oversaturated for a long time now).

It is permission-based: user gives authorization to websites/apps to deliver them a notification. This brings to enhance engagement and conversions.

Users do not have to be on the websites/apps to see the notifications.

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