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AdGaem works universally, across all paid media channels, utilizing in-house, front line technology and data analysis expertise to effectively optimize campaigns. Our incredible in-house strategies and connections with reputed DSPs and RTB platforms empower automation and programmatic media buying.

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Publisher Features

Best Payouts

Best Payouts

AdGaem guarantees top payouts in the industry to its publishers. We make sure you have the best payouts as long as you are working with us.

Top Campaigns

Top Campaigns

AdGaem's stringent process of recruiting publishers by running an experience check, has allowed us to attract industry leading brands with top campaigns.

Publisher Support

24/7 Support

AdGaem team ensures they are available 24x7 for their publishers to resolve any queries which helps us cut any unproductive hours wasted otherwise.

PayPal Friendly

Variety Of Payment Options

AdGaem supports Payoneer, Paypal, Paysera, Webmoney, Bank Wire payment options to pay their publishers easily and more securely anywhere on the planet.

Publisher Referrals


AdGaem believes in rewarding its publishers for any new partners they bring on board by sharing 5% commission on each referral.

Flexible Payments

Flexible Payments

AdGaem offers flexible payment schedules ranging from weekly, bi-weekly to Net-30 based on quality and volumes that help publishers scale their traffic.

API Integration

Easy API integration with all campaigns on Adgaem Network

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account Managers present 24×7 to assist you in offer selection: Top converting and Best payouts

Mobile Campaign Optimization

100+ mobile-optimized CPI offers from 200 countries

Variety of Categories

A wide variety of categories: Games, Downloads, Lead Generation, App installs, Incentivized

Publisher Referral Program

3% Referral commission for life from the earnings of Publishers you refer

Banners & Interstitials

A variety of engaging ads in standard MMA sizes

Wide Selection of Offer Types

Get paid for every action you generate: Leads, Sales, Installs, Clicks, Impressions


Real-time reports and tracking: Image Pixel tracking, Postback tracking, Iframe Pixel tracking

Global Coverage

Reaching users in more than 200 countries and regions with over 90 million monthly activations