Do i need to use the listed from and to lines?

Yes, you must use the “From” and “To” lines listed in the offer card. While you can create your own “From” and “To” lines, kindly send them to your Affiliate Manager beforehand in order to receive approval ahead of time (as this is required in this case).

What is a physical unsubscribe address?

This is an address that should be included in every email creative. It includes the physical address of the advertiser in the event an email recipient wants to mail them a physical letter stating that they no longer wish to receive any further email communications about the specific offer in question.

What is a suppression list?

A suppression list is a list of email addresses or domains that have opted out of receiving emails directly related to the specific offer. You must first download the suppression list every seven days if you’re mailing an offer in order to make sure that you have the most up to date suppression list on any given day.

Can i customize or make my own email creatives?

If you want to create your own email creatives then the creative must first be approved before you run traffic to the offer using your customized creations. Affiliates found not to be in compliance due to running an unapproved email creative could ultimately result in non-payment for the commissions generated for that affiliates. So simply get any of your custom email creatives approved before using them and there won’t be any problems at all for anyone to worry about.

Can i customize or make my own banners?

Absolutely you can create your own custom banners. In fact, many affiliates do this in order to avoid what’s called “banner blindness”. A la, creating your own banners allows for your banners to be unique when they’re displayed on the site where your media placement is located.

Why is my tracking link redirecting me to a different offer?

Some offers are specific to certain geo-locations so if you reside within the United States and your tracking link is for an offer that only allows UK traffic then our system will detect that your computer is indeed located within the US and will subsequently redirect your click to our “global redirect” option in order to prevent unwanted geo-IP clicks going to the offer.

Why doesn’t adgaem’ stats match with my tracking system?

If you’re using your own tracking system then you might find that our stats don’t match up 100% with your own. This is usually due to the way we report duplicate clicks. Basically, if a click comes into AdGaem from an IP address that has already clicked the offer within the last 10 minutes then it will not count as a “unique” click in our tracking system. We only report on unique clicks with our tracking system to ensure that your statistics are not skewed in any way due to duplicate clicks.

Can i test the offer myself?

Generally, we don’t recommend testing an offer yourself because what really ends up happening is you’re sending a false/bogus lead to the advertiser and this is – for obvious reasons – quite frowned upon. If you need your pixel tested then simply provide your Affiliate Manager a test link and our team will test the offer ourselves to ensure everything on the tracking side of things is working appropriately for you.

How do i place a 3rd party tracking pixel?

You can use either image pixels, iframe pixels or postback (server to server) pixel tracking. Some offers will require that you place a secure (HTTPS) pixel for tracking and this will be specifically indicated when you attempt to place the pixel yourself. In order to place a pixel for a specific offer, simply open the offer card, select the “tracking” tab and insert your pixel in the appropriate location. Easy as pie (although certainly not as delicious)!

Can i use a 3rd party tracking system?

As long as it’s one of the more well-known third party tracking systems you use, then yes. Prosper202 is a free self-hosted system that’s been around for an incredibly long time and is both simple to use and extremely efficient. If you’re interested in something a little more robust that’s supported, however, then you should definitely check out CPVLab, which is a paid self-hosted tracking system. Either way you can’t go wrong – it’s all really about how deep and granular you want to be able to go with your campaign tracking.