How do i apply to run an offer?

To apply for a specific offer, simply click the “Apply” button on the offer card. Next, kindly include a brief description/breakdown of how you’re planning on running traffic to this offer. This will help give our team a better and more complete picture when deciding whether or not to approve you on the offer. Your Affiliate Manager may also have additional questions pertaining to your traffic source as some of the offers on our network here at AdGaem are more sensitive than others.

What is the specific role of my affiliate manager?

Your Affiliate Manager is there to help assist you with anything related to AdGaem, including how our tracking works, in-depth information regarding a specific offer, what specific traffic a given offer allows, historical performance data on a particular offer and which do well with a specific traffic type, etc. Your Affiliate Manager can also help to locate an offer that we may not currently have at Adgaem and get it live for you to run with us. Essentially, anything and everything that’s related to providing you with the best possible support here at AdGaem, your Affiliate Manager is ready (and able) to take care of for you.

Do you allow other networks to syndicate your offers?

Ultimately, we only allow other networks to syndicate our offers on a case-by-case basis. When you’re signing up, please indicate specifically that you’re a CPA network and also that you’re hoping to syndicate some of our offers. References with any other top-tier networks you’re currently working with will also help your case as we’ll be able to reach out to them to determine the quality of your traffic. Please don’t hide the fact that you’re a CPA network thinking we won’t find out, because we will.

What are your payment terms and payment options?

Default payment terms start out at monthly Net-30, although we do offer bi-weekly payments — on a case-by-case basis. In regards to the various different payment options and their subsequent fees (or lack thereof), we’ve gone ahead and listed them all below for your perusal:

International bank wire: $40.00 fee
Paypal: Free

What do i need to provide you to get paid?

We require you to send or electronically fill out either a W8 or a W9 tax form. If we don’t have a signed tax form for you on file then we simply cannot remit payment until we’ve received it. Additionally, we’ll also need your current mailing address if you wish to receive payment via check or your main banking information if you’d rather be paid via bank wire or ACH.

Do you accept international affiliates?

Although we’d like to accept affiliates from all over the world, we currently don’t accept any affiliates living in certain locations that we consider high risk. It’s certainly nothing personal or meant as insulting in any way, shape or form, it just has to do more-so with the multitude of underground fraud rings that we’ve repeatedly uncovered and banned from the network over the last few years.

What do i need to become an affiliate with adgaem?

All you really need to become an affiliate marketer is a computer, an Internet connection, and both the desire and motivation to truly succeed and accomplish the feat of making money from home. There’s certainly a lot of various things to learn and a vast multitude of different ways to actually accomplish making money online, so you’d do well to try and learn as much as you possibly can in order to give yourself the best possible shot at success.

In addition to asking your Affiliate Manager for help with anything that you need (should you become accepted as an affiliate with us), you can also utilize our unique Affiliate Marketing University blog located over at It’s a great resource for learning the ropes and getting ready to test the online marketing waters yourself.