Do you provide free fraud protection?

We do, in fact, our sister company is actually a fraud management system for the performance marketing industry. With that being said, we provide free fraud monitoring for all of our advertisers and we are very, very adept at catching malicious, fraudulent activity.

What payment terms do you typically require?

This ultimately depends on several different factors; namely where your company is located, what type of offer you’re hoping to run with us, as well as other information such as that included in the credit application we’ll have you fill out.

How do i become an advertiser with adgaem?

Simply contact us here at AdGaem via email at and provide a description of your company, offer(s), payout(s) and anything else you feel is warranted to inform us. We receive quite a few inquiries on a regular basis, so the more descriptive and in-depth you are in your email, the more information we’ll have about your company and the quicker we’ll be able to make a proper decision regarding whether or not we’ll be able to work with you.